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Our Signature Diamond Cut

The Basics

There are two components to a diamond’s cut. One is shape: at Hearts On Fire, we cut diamonds in round and square shapes, as these two forms best amplify a diamond’s beauty. 

The second component is the precision of the cut within those two shapes. We spent years developing a precise formula for our diamond cut, one that takes symmetry, proportion, and a diamond's individual shape into account. This aspect of a diamond's cut is what unleashes its beauty and makes it sparkle.

Hearts On Fire Diamond Shapes 

Our Process

Every diamond starts as a rough crystal—that’s its natural form. We take the purest rough crystals and begin the cutting process using a value scan program that allows us to locate any imperfections and inclusions on our rough diamond crystals. This way, we can cut the diamonds to show their best effect and eliminate any imperfections when possible. Using data from this scanner, we divide the diamonds with a diamond saw, so they can then be cut into two individual gems. 

Next, to produce a round shape, we gridle the diamonds by placing two diamonds side-by-side on axles spinning in opposite directions. The friction between the square octahedral diamond crystals and the crystal on the opposing spindle rounds them out perfectly, readying them to be cut and polished.

We then use vibration-free cutting wheels to cut and polish our diamonds for ideal proportions and symmetry. We polish them at 100X magnification, which is 10 times the industry standard.

Hearts On Fire Master Diamond Cutters

Our Craftspeople

Hearts On Fire master diamond cutters apprentice for between 5 and 10 years before they can cut a 1+ carat diamond, and when they do, our process is so rigorous and exacting that it takes 4 times as long to cut a Hearts On Fire diamond than it would take to cut a generic diamond.

Our Technology

Our secret to serious sparkle? Aside from choosing the finest raw crystals and employing the best craftspeople, we also use state-of-the-art technology and tools.

We have upgraded from the traditional loupes that were the mainstays of diamond cutters for centuries, and now use them in tandem with high-definition cameras, high-resolution, large-format monitors with on-screen cutting templates, and laser measuring devices. These tools are what let us cut and inspect our diamonds at 100x power magnification.

We also use completely vibration-free cutting wheels, aviation-quality bearings, and leveled motors. By placing controls on these components of our cutting process, there’s less room for error and more possibility for perfection and sparkle. We also disassemble and re-calibrate our cutting tools each month, ensuring that our equipment can deliver the best performance and highest degree of consistency in the hands of our highly skilled craftspeople.

We are at the forefront of technological advancement when it comes to diamond cutting, and we are pioneering new techniques all the time. Our latest tool? A machine that uses a diamond-charged jet stream of water to cut through rough diamond crystals. This new water-jet technology lets us cut through a 1 carat of rough diamond crystal in 15 minutes, rather than the 4-6 hours it would take with the traditional diamond saw. This water cutting technology produces no heat, so less of the diamond is lost this way. With this new tool, we experience only 1-2% of diamond weight loss, compared to 3-5% with the diamond saw.

Hearts On Fire state-of-the-art technology

Behind the scenes

Hearts On Fire Diamond Cutting Factory
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